The Perfect Serve

The art of drinking our rosé wine.

Chill your bottle in the fridge for about 1 hour, the ideal temperature is about 8° to 10°

In a rush ? Here are some tricks :

  • 20-30 minutes
    • Put your  bottle in the freezer and.. Don't forget to set an alarm ! Exploding bottles are not a myth.. 
  • 15 minutes
    • Fill an ice bucket with 2/3 ice cubes, 1/3 water. Make sure the bottle is completely covered (You want your entire bottle to be chilled!). You could also add salt, which will speed up the process, since it lowers the water's freezing point.

Try to not over cool the wine either, 8°-10° will reveal the pallet to its full potential. Too low temperatures will hide and change some of the taste. 

Once opened, the bottle will stay good in the fridge with a cork stopper for about 3 days.


Enjoy ! Cheers ! Santé ! Chin chin !